The Strength WOD Medium Method

The idea of the medium method is very simple

We want to be strong, but we’re not powerlifters

We want to be well conditioned, but we’re not marathon runners

We want to be athletic and explosive, but we’re not full on athletes

We want to look good, but we’re not bodybuilders

We’re not specialists, we’re generalists. We’re medium all around

The idea is taking the best parts of each style of training and smushing them together into a cohesive training modality to create a strong, powerful body that performs well and looks pretty good naked.

We might no longer need a high performing body for competition or to keep us alive, but we want to regain or maintain some semblance of fitness so we don’t become a fat slob.

Workouts are built around a simple structure:

  1. Proper mobility based warm up to address weak/tight areas of the body to help get rid of niggling aches and pains
  2. Explosive/athletic movements to maintain our coordination and skill
  3. Lift heavy ass barbells to get strong
  4. Do hard conditioning circuits to stay in shape

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