Get Strong As Hell with Percentage Based Barbell training

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Let’s face it. Most workout programs suck. Too high intensity, poor exercise selection, no clear path to progression, no rhyme or reason to anything or they’re just plain bullshit. Or maybe they’re actually really good programs….if you’re a hardcore powerlifter. Or bodybuilder. Or are brand new to training

But we’re none of those. And we’re left trying to figure out how to put together something that addresses our needs. A program that isn’t about powerlifting and getting as strong as possible, but not being able to run more than 3 feet without getting out of breath. A program that isn’t about building flashy muscles. A program that isn’t an introductory lesson on how to lift weights

This is where my programming comes in. It takes the best part of multiple styles of training and turns them into a cohesive program to create a strong, powerful body that performs well and looks pretty good naked. Workouts are built around a simple structure

  • Proper mobility based warm up to address weak/tight areas of the body to help get rid of niggling aches and pains
  • Explosive/athletic movements to maintain our coordination and skill
  • Lift heavy ass barbells to get strong
  • Do hard conditioning circuits to stay in shape

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Eliminate nagging aches and pains

Full mobility based warm-up. Specific mobility exercises will have your body feeling the best it has in years

Become brutally strong

Leverage the simplest and most powerful system for strength gains, percentages, and experience PRs like never before under the barbell

conditioning the right way

No brutal beat down sessions or boring treadmill work. Hard, yet enjoyable conditioning to improve your all around fitness

Regain athleticism

Explosive and athletic movements to fully prep your nervous system to lift heavy while training your athletic capabilities

just show up and follow the plan

Complete strength and conditioning workouts so you can just show up, execute the plan, and go home

Automatic tracking and updating

Your weekly targets and your 1RMs will auto update so you’ll know exactly how much to lift week to week