Beginner Program

There are many beginner barbell programs out there.

The 1 I recommend is very simple

Day A:
Squat 3×5+
Bench 3×5+
Barbell Row 3×5+

Day B:
Deadlift 3×5+
Overhead Press 3×5+
Chin-Up 3×5+

Do this 3 times a week, so week 1 will be ABA, week 2 is BAB, week 3 is ABA, etc

Note that these are 5+, so the final set is taken for an AMRAP

Start with an empty barbell if you’re brand new. If you have a little experience, you can start with something heavier but you should be able to get at least 12-15 reps with the weight. This ensures you’re progressing properly and not using shit form just to get to higher weights. If in doubt, just use the empty bar

Every time you repeat a workout, you’ll add 5lbs to upper body lifts and 5-10 lbs to lower body lifts. If you have fractional plates, you can add 2-3lbs to your upper body lifts, but it isn’t necessary in the least bit

IE Workout 1 is workout A – squat, bench, barbell row with 45lbs.
Workout 2 is workout B –  Deadlift and press with 45lbs and chin ups.
Workout 3 is workout A – squat, bench, row with 50lbs
Workout 4 is workout B – deadlift and press with 50lbs and chins ups

If you’re crushing the AMRAP sets with 10+reps, feel free to make bigger jumps like 10lbs. If you’re doing 20+ reps you can make an even bigger jump like 15lbs. 

Don’t be a dumbass, add a bunch of weight, and struggle with form and grinding reps.

Eventually you will get to a point where you can’t keep adding weight. This will likely happen with overhead press first since that is the weakest lift

When that happens, just sub in Strength WOD for that lift while sticking with the beginner program for everything else

IE overhead press will typically be on Fridays

You’re scheduled to do Workout B on Monday, so you do Deadlift 3×5+ and Chin Up 3×5+ like normal, but you’ll follow last Fridays Overhead Press workout which was something like 3×6 @ 75%

On Wednesday you’ll do Workout A like normal and Friday you’ll do the same thing as you did on Monday

Or just switch to Strength WOD completely. Long term it won’t make much of a difference and this beginner program should only be run for 3-6 months realistically.